Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a hexagonal crystal. It has a hardness of 9 on the Moh scale.
Yellow Sapphire is another crystal which we don’t often see in Europe / North America because it is usually sold on to Asian countries.
Because businessmen in these countries place a high value on Yellow Sapphire, they associate it with financial abundance and prosperity.
Now, the colour of this variety of Sapphire is yellow, and its structure also works in a yellow way.
So Yellow Sapphire is another squared crystal where the colour and structure are in resonance.
However, its hardness is 9 which means its energy is much, much more direct and focused.
Note: Yellow Apatite is also a yellow squared crystal, and has some of the positive benefits of Yellow Sapphire… but because it has only a hardness of 5, it is far less direct and punchy… although initially some people may be far more comfortable with this softer kind of directness.
But what does that mean in practical terms?
Well, another spectrum associated with the colour Yellow is courage/fear, hence the expression yellow belly or yellow with fear.
However, fear occurs when there is an absence of yellow, and its presence actually helps to dissipate and banish fears, worries and anxieties.
Yellow is also the colour associated with our minds and mental ability… and from a colour therapy perspective, we need Yellow to keep our minds running… just like we need petrol to run our cars.
However, in our modern digital age, where we are being bombarded with digital distractions from all across the media… and social media… with different signals and transmissions and news feeds, all demanding our attention, even if most of them are processed on the unconscious mind level… this is all putting an ever-increasing demand on our Yellow reserves… which is why some people get digital burn-out… and why many modern kids crave the colour Yellow… because they need it to remain mentally sharp. In fact, we all need more Yellow in our lives…
If nothing else, Yellow helps us remain positive, mentally balanced and optimistic.
But it seems that our modern digital age is designed to push us more and more into constant mental processing, drain our internal reserves of Yellow, and so leave us more and more prone to fear, worry and anxiety… (which may be what our social media masters want… a population that can’t think straight and are worried and anxious 24/7).
If there was one crystal which could be said to be the antidote for fear… then it would probably be Yellow Sapphire.
And so Yellow Sapphire, because of its yellow/yellow resonance, and strong hardness is probably the best vibration to use when you need to overcome fear and worry.
And so, apart from cultural resonance, this is probably what Asian businessmen find so appealing about Yellow Sapphire, and value it highly… because they like how it makes them feel… confident and empowered.
If you are a businessman/entrepreneur, you often have to take risks, go out on a limb, or step out of your comfort zone. All things which the majority of people are not usually prepared to do (which is why most of us are not super-rich). Whenever they do this, entrepreneurs have to face and overcome their fears.
As modern research shows, it is not that entrepreneurs don’t feel fear… it’s just that they are better at dealing with it, at putting it into perspective, so that it doesn’t block their ability to act (which is a Solar Plexus chakra function).
Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and so the Yellow Sapphire vibration helps these businessmen to also deal more effectively with whatever fears do arise. But this vibration isn’t just the preserve of Asian businessmen/entrepreneurs, it is something that anyone can use when we need to deal effectively with our worries and fears… and build up our confidence and sense of self-reliance.
For some people, Yellow Sapphire may be an uncomfortable vibration to wear, because it is so direct and focused.
However, for those who can successfully wear it, accept and integrate it, it in can help us work through the fear and worry which is holding us back so that we can be more focused and effective. Yellow Sapphire is the SAS vibration and he/she who wears / uses it, has a much better chance of winning / staying with their eyes on the prize.
Because Yellow Sapphire is hard to acquire in the West, this is why we have created the Yellow Sapphire Audio Essence… for anyone who is in need of its ultra positive vibration.
(c) Brian Parsons, 2022.

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