Red Tourmaline

Dark Red Tourmaline is a hexagonal crystal, with a hardness of 7 on the Moh scale.

It is from Madagascar.

Although the colour is red overall, black is also mixed in, so you also have a dark red which is very grounding, and it is expressed in a yellow / hexagonal way.

Energising but grounding… that is a good way to describe Dark Red Tourmaline… and it is good to use with when you need both energies.

Dark Red Tourmaline is a red energy, but it is expressed in a yellow way.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Well… When a crystal has a ‘red’ colour, but a hexagonal crystal structure, then it is good at helping us direct a burst of energy towards a single, focused task.

So if you need to motivate yourself to start a particular task, then Dark Red Tourmaline is an excellent choice to ‘kick-start’ the process… but also to help you sustain it.

Because Dark Red Tourmaline expresses itself in a yellow way, it can also help us see / find ‘enjoyment’ in the task we are engaged in, particularly if we are not to keen on doing it, so that we can be more ‘in the flow’ of the moment. It is a vibration that helps us to feel comfortable with our own physical body, with being physical, comfortable in our own skin as they say.

It can help us find the ‘fun and joy’ in having a physical experience.

Because of its hexagonal crystal structure, it is an excellent vibration to use when you need to give extra energy to the Solar Plexus chakra… especially when someone is suffering from low self-esteem, and feel that they are not good enough.

It is also an excellent if you need to find it within you to stand up for yourself… because it combines the black vibration, which helps you to stand your ground… with the red assertive vibration, which helps you to assert and stand up for yourself.

Dark Red Tourmaline can’t fix everything about the situations you find yourself in, but it can help to energize the Solar Plexus chakra, a bit like jump starting a car engine, so that the person can start to feel again that red spark of being “good enough”… which is often what is needed to get them moving again… and once they are moving again then they can naturally charge their own batteries.

Remember, if the universe went to all the trouble to create you, then no one else has the right to invalidate your existence / experience. Dark Red Tourmaline gives you the courage to ‘push back’ when needed and say ‘I have a right to be here, and I am happy being me!’

(If you then want to break into the chorus of ‘I am Who I am’ then that’s entirely up to you.)

(c) BRian Parsons, 2022.


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