Black Beryl

Sometimes you acquire into your crystal collection mystery stones… crystals which aren’t mentioned in the Crystal Bibles, or online… and some times the mystery goes on for years.

And there is nothing in the crystal literature, or online, that can shed a clue.

Black Beryl was one such mystery crystal for me.

Theory One: It’s Goshenite (i.e. Clear Beryl) that had been artificially or naturally irradiated, like some Smoky Quartz, to turn it black.

Theory Two: This was suggested by the lovely Cathy of Opie Gems in the U.K… when they mine Emerald, there are many seams of Beryl which are considered low quality, and so discarded… and Black Beryl might come from one of these perceived inferior seams.

Fortunately I was able to eventually come across some information online which shed light on this whole mystery.

Black Beryl is real, although a quite rare form of Beryl, and the blackness is caused by the inclusion of very small Black Spinel crystals into the Clear Beryl (i.e. Goshenite).

Which means that we can approach Black Beryl in two ways… either as Black Beryl… or as Clear Beryl + Black Spinel.

1st Way… Black Beryl is a hexagonal crystal, colored black, which has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh scale.

So, we get a vibration which is very similar to Black Tourmaline… it is able to ground and protect our Solar Plexus Chakra.

But I have always been in agreement with Jane Ann Dow, who believed that all the Beryl family are more Soul-orientated… that they are here to help our Soul to ground and successfully navigate the Earth Plane… and achieve our life-purpose… and each colour helps us in a different way.

Because often, Souls really do have a hard time after they arrive down here, so Black Beryl helps an incarnate Soul to deal with the darkness and negativity of the Earth Plane… …

Yes, it can protect, like Black Tourmaline…

But also Black Beryl helps us to be able to deal with negative situations from a Soul perspective…

The Black Beryl vibration can be very comforting when we are living through difficult situations and times… somehow it draws upon the energy and perspective of our Soul… so that we become less stuck and limited and emotion driven…

2nd Way… Black Beryl = Goshenite (i.e. Clear Beryl) + Black Spinel…

In her book Crystal Shaman, Jane Ann Dow wrote that, based on her observations, Goshenite is a crystal which helps our Soul process the whole birth / death cycle, which can be traumatic for a being of light.

Although I think that means that Black Beryl also helps us understand the Soul reason… the bigger perspective… for the situations we are living through (whether good, bad, or hellish).

But when we add Black Spinel (black cubic crystal)… it helps us to give better shape and order to that black mastery energy… it helps us to get more organised.

But what exactly is the Black Spinel organizing? Easy… Soul-energy.

From working and meditating with Black Beryl for a while now… I have come to the conclusion that Goshenite pulls down the Soul energy into the Earth Plane… and the Black Spinel helps to organize and give it shape and form… so that your Soul is better able to help and protect and guide you. Black Beryl helps to close the dimensional gap which exists between you and your Soul… makes it much easier for your Soul to reach down to you… and provide energetic assistance.

Fundamentally, Black Beryl is like a vibrational key which opens the dimensional door between different subtle levels.

So… Black Beryl… a rare form of Beryl perhaps… but fascinating… and perhaps one of the best crystals to help your Soul help you… and you to connect with your Soul. Black Beryl is a crystal, the member of the Beryl family, which is sent to help us to walk between the darkness and the light… between our Soul perspective and our Earth plane life / expression… and find and take meaning from both…

NOTE: From what I have experienced, the Black Bery vibration is excellent for anyone who is actively working to awaken their light body, or to pull down more Soul energy into their life.


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